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Summer is coming to an end and back to school is here again. There is still time to take a late summer vacay to just get away last minute. Looking your best on vacation is very important. Whether you are planning to have a lot of adventures and exploring in travels or you plan to rest during your time off you will definitely need a cute vacay outfit. Lightweight clothing and breathable clothing are key to relaxing in style. One of my favorite things about going on vacation is finding name brands outfits at Goodwill East Texas before I set sail. Styling on a budget is so prime to me because it will allow me to shop smart and have extra money for shopping, culinary experiences and souvenirs.

The model below is Honesty Ervin. Miss Ervin is a local model here in East Texas and I had the privilege to style her for an end of summer vacay.

The white tank top is by BCBG. Cropped white denim shorts are by Levis. The W Cabas Clear Translucent brown vinyl tote and eyewear is by Louis Vuitton. Outfit from Goodwill East Texas. Style by Bojack Allen \ BojaxStyle.

Goodwill East Texas is a great place to pick up what you need when you need it and for a lower price than a traditional retail store. Thrifting can be a exciting and unique experience, but giving your business to your local thrift store can benefit the local community and provide a green alternative.

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