Goodwill Blues

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Blue Jeans are a American staple in the fashion world. You can dress them up or you can dress them down for a relaxed feel. Finding the perfect pair can seem impossible sometimes, especially since there’s so many choices to choose from. Selecting a style of denim generally comes down to personal preference, however go for skinny jeans if you are petite or smaller. For men, go for comfort and a snug fit with stretch or ripped, distressed denim to showcase range in your wardrobe. I love skinny jeans because they won’t hide your body and they will be flattering. Other styles of jeans has their limits and the skinny jeans don’t, so you can wear them all your round, with just about anything. Fitted or skinny jeans continues to be a collector’s item worth buying. They are still the number one selling style, not only for women, but men as well with an ever expanding selection of washed, fabrics, distressed and embellishments. Goodwill has a large selection of denim to choose from. Budget friendly styles that will not break the bank! SHOP GOODWILL and save HUGE! What will you discover next?

Bojack Allen / BojaxStyle

Models – Nickalous McGrew, Iesha Collins, Deonte Allen, Kloey Smith
Fashion Photography by Bojack Allen / BojaxStyle
Outfits by Goodwill East Texas
Blue Jeans, White Top….. Collection by Goodwill / BojaxStyle You can dress it up or keep it simple. It’s classic and an always fashionable…….. Goodwill Blues
Jeans and a white top have become staples in every girl’s and boy’s closet. The unbeatable combo is a go-to when you have nothing to wear, and you likely need little else to finish your look.