Sweater Weather 2019

October 8, 2019 12:30 am Published by

Sweater is perfect choice for cold fall and winter days. It is great for making stylish combinations and it will keep you warm and comfortable. Pair a sweater with a polished button down shirt can look dressy casual and chic. A cardigan or a pullover that’s too short to wear on its own can work well as part of a casual layered look. Pull it on over a longer underlayer with detailing that peeks out of the bottom, like a camisole or a printed T-shirt. Be sure to keep your under-layer thin, so you don’t add bulk. To wear an oversize sweater without feeling dumpy, make sure everything from the waist down is slim. Narrow pants are an easy option, but a body-slimming slip dress works too. You can score great pieces on the cheap while doing your part to help your community by shopping at Goodwill East Texas.

Model -Makyra Motley

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